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If you are in a country that is trying to control your Internet access, then you
should highly consider to have VPN for secure and unrestricted web access.

Example of countries with ISP's that are actively trying to control and limit
access of their Internet users are: China, Oman, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The ISPīs (Internet Service Providers) in these countries could for example
be blocking access to Skype, Viber and even Facebook or Twitter.

For less than 10 USD per month, it's easy to overcome these restrictions
or limit of access to websites or services that you are interested to use.

At the same time, you will also from the countries mentioned here above
enjoy better and more stable voice quality on VoIP calls using VPN.

Using VPN or SmartDNS, it's also possible to access services like NetFlix.

You can click here to purchase VPN or SmartDNS!

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